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Digital Twin
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Digital twins are emerging as the best way for enterprises to compound value from digital transformation initiatives. For the industrial enterprise, digital twin use cases are primarily being adopted across engineering, operations, and service – driving significant business value and laying the groundwork for digital transformation across the enterprise.

It unlock value across the entire product lifecycle from design through operation and service, enabling manufacturers to better understand and predict physical product performance, and provide continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance insights to improve product efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, and enable service-based models.

A Primer for Industrial Enterprises

As industrial enterprises generate increasing volumes of data about the physical world, they’re mapping this data back to the IT systems that define their products, processes, and people to enhance the digital thread. Digital twins are quickly proving to be a key strategic accelerator for digital transformation, unlocking the value within the data created by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and augmented reality (AR).