CSR Background

Making a Real Impact

Your busy professional life leaves you with little free time, but you have a strong desire to help others. The possibilities are very broad. Although you have initial ideas, you are not yet sure which projects or causes you would like to support. 

Philanthropy is a critical part of society. It is different than charity, which focuses on eliminating the suffering caused by social problems, while philanthropy focuses on the elimination of social problems.

The practice of good philanthropy is as much a craft as a science: it has rigor and is learned through practical, not theoretical, means. Only when a philanthropic relationship is pursued with intention and for impact can institutions, organizations, and new endeavors make the best use of philanthropy, one of the more innovative and less restricted sources of funding.

At AHAD we believe that the humanitarian impulse is never extinguished and the brighter it shines, the healthier society will be. The axis of good philanthropic practice is impact — the measurable clarity and visibility of the difference you are making.

Join us and experience a similar awareness of the joy of creativity through giving and contributing to communities, especially when the giving relationship endures.

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