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Virtual CISO (vCISO) Advisory Services:

The quantum of cyber-attacks has grown substantially over the past few years. With the business ecosystem becoming more digitized with each passing day, the strength, sophistication, and volume of these attacks will only increase further. As a result, every organization today needs a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – a security leader with specialized technical knowledge, skillset, and corporate governance experience to manage enterprise security – whether it can afford to or not.

Most businesses cannot. The average annual salary of a CISO in 2016 stood at $206,000.

This is where AHAD’s Virtual CISO (vCISO) Advisory Services step into the picture. Its team of experts includes seasoned former CISOs from a variety of industries who can take over the reins of your existing security team or set up the security infrastructure at your organisation from scratch. Our vCISOs support your enterprise operations and reduce business risk while building a strong and agile cybersecurity framework. They help you prevent, detect, and mitigate threats and attacks while enhancing the security IQ and defence capabilities across your entire organisation. The aim is to empower C-suite executives and internal tech teams to safeguard their network, data, digital assets, and users from threats in cyberspace.

vCISOs from AHAD hail from and have served across a broad range of industries, for companies of all sizes, and have the technical expertise, business acumen, and strategic vision to understand your unique needs, objectives, and challenges. They design information security policies that are tailored for your enterprise’s specific requirements, as well as establish clear communication channels with all key stakeholders. They also support your business-critical technology demands and balance IT administration to ensure better outcomes.

Whether you are looking for an interim CISO, an expert to support your current CISO, or a longer-term arrangement, AHAD’s Virtual CISO Advisory Services provide the leadership you need, when you need it. Services and offerings include:

  • Setting or directing privacy and security policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines
  • Managing and directing information security teams
  • Engaging with the Executive Management
  • Running risk assessments on operational security
  • Providing threat intelligence and managing enterprise security
  • Crisis management