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SOC 2.0
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Security Operations Centre 2.0

A Security Operations Centre, or SOC, is the heart of your enterprise security operations, helping you monitor, assess, and protect your critical enterprise assets and defend them against threats and vulnerabilities. The SOC 2.0 takes this proposition a step further by augmenting human intelligence with advanced machine capabilities for more streamlined and comprehensive security operations.


To enable this, SOC 2.0 utilises four fundamental elements:

  • Operation Support System (OSS)/SIEM 2.0
  • Automation
  • Risk management 2.0
  • Incident handling

Our solution helps you evaluate the efficacy of your SOC 2.0 initiatives by conducting in-depth due diligence through feasibility studies and assessments. Our compliance consulting expertise on ITILv3 and ISO27002 enables us to act on the findings by aligning business and governance needs with security workflows and processes. In essence, we help your organisation develop, build, and operate a cutting-edge, robust, effective, and scalable SOC 2.0 that significantly enhances your enterprise security posture while reducing the costs typically associated with security incidents.