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Offensive Security
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Offensive Security

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Cybercriminals are experts in exploiting vulnerabilities in enterprise systems. In addition to the offensive security services UAE tested systems, the externally available or internally connected systems are hardened and patched. With penetration testing, our team of security experts deploys attacks just like a determined threat actor would, in a controlled environment, to identify and eliminate these vulnerabilities.

Red Team Exercises

Cyber-attackers deploy increasingly sophisticated threat campaigns to gain unauthorized access to critical systems and sensitive information. In a cyber-attack, the defense team's reaction time, method, and internal coordination can make all the difference. The Red Team Services UAE assesses and bolsters the response team's readiness and efficacy in dealing with such incidents in real-time by simulating an advanced cyber-attack.

ICS Security Assessment

With IT and OT merging increasingly, cybercriminals are targeting the ICS systems with dedicated threat campaigns to penetrate the enterprise network. Traditional security solutions for OT infrastructure often lack the tools to defend legacy systems such as SCADA, PLCs, and RTUs. Our customized testing methodologies, based on regulatory frameworks and standards, assess the ICS infrastructure to identify and resolve the vulnerabilities in it.

Security Code Review

Blackbox security assessments test the security controls and defence infrastructure of a system without assuming any knowledge of the target. The idea is to take the approach of a real threat actor, but in a simulated environment. Black box security tests, however, often miss the vulnerabilities in the system. Besides employing top-tier static analytical tools, our team of experienced developers augments the testing process through manual analyses to deliver a comprehensive list of security flaws.

Social Engineering

Social engineering attacks are much more difficult to predict because they rely on human error and weakness rather than security flaws in the digital or operating systems. Modern organizations, therefore, have begun focusing on providing security education to employees across all verticals. Our solutions leverage the on-site as well as remote social engineering techniques of various difficulty degrees to identify the level of security awareness program and training that organizations can implement to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Ethical Hacking Training

The security teams within organizations can best fend off cyber-attacks when they are familiar with all possible threat campaigns that can be deployed against them. Ethical hacking training provides the security teams with a controlled environment where they can get a hands-on experience of identifying all potential vulnerabilities that real hackers may seek to exploit. The training can include web application security testing, mobile application hacking, and software security testing, among others.