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Digital Forensics
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Digital Forensics

Network Forensics

Knowledge is power – and nowhere more so than in the field of enterprise security, where it can spell the difference between merely surviving and actually thriving.

Our network forensics services utilise ultrafast, lossless data capture to search for and retrieve massive datasets in order to develop attack context in near real-time. Doing so facilitates rapid investigations and enables a seamless transition between detection and investigation through a single, intelligence-driven workbench.

Malware Analysis

The strength of your threat intelligence depends on the depth of your threat intelligence – the more information you have about potential malware, their attack vectors, targets, and behaviour, the better you can protect yourself from similar attacks in the future.

Our malware analysis services execute and analyse detected malware in a safe and secure environment to augment your threat intelligence. We learn about the entire attack lifecycles, from the initial exploit to call-back destinations and more – all the while minimising costs and overheads with a single host for Microsoft and OSX test environments.

Endpoint Forensics

If your network was a city, your endpoints are the roads that provide the main means to access it. Holding the gates against unauthorised intruders requires you to prevent, detect, and respond to threats with speed and precision – something which is only possible with comprehensive, intelligence-driven endpoint visibility.

Endpoint forensics enables this through secure remote investigation and integrates with other security systems to automate threat triage. Its enhanced validation and immediate containment empower you to instantly act on threat alerts for a more robust enterprise-wide security profile.