Virtual CISO

The quantum of cyber-attacks has grown substantially over the past few years. With the business ecosystem becoming more digitized with each passing day, the strength, sophistication, and volume of these attacks will only increase further.

SOC 2.0

A Security Operations Centre, or SOC, is the heart of your enterprise security operations, helping you monitor, assess, and protect your critical enterprise assets and defend them against threats and vulnerabilities.

Offensive Security

Cybercriminals are expert in exploiting vulnerabilities in the enterprise systems. With penetrating testing, our team of security experts deploys attacks just like a determined threat actor would, in a controlled environment, to identify and eliminate these vulnerabilities. The systems that are tested include hardened and patch systems, publicly available or connected to the internal network.

Digital Forensics

Knowledge is power – and nowhere more so than in the field of enterprise security, where it can spell the difference between merely surviving and actually thriving.

Managed IDAM & PAM

Every organization has user accounts – from human users such as system administrators, team managers, and C-suite executives to devices, applications, and processes – that require enhanced permissions and access to critical enterprise resources.