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Blockchain Service

Blockchain Service (BCS) is a highly available and secure blockchain platform allowing enterprises and developers to conveniently create, deploy, and manage applications with the superb performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • Open and Easy to Use

Built using innovative technologies based on Kubernetes, featuring security, simple configuration, deployment in minutes, and automatic multi-angle E2E O&M

  • Flexible and Efficient

Multiple efficient consensus algorithms (10,000+ TPS) and flexible switching, dynamic join-in or quitting of multi-role nodes and members, and container-based management

  • Cost-Effective

Lower development and deployment costs, pay-per-use convenience, reduced O&M expenditures with unified management, and auto scaling and upgrade/rollback on demand

  • Robust Security

Complete management and isolation of users, keys, and permissions; multi-layer encryption and privacy assurance; and fully demonstrated cyber security infrastructure