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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software analyses the security-related events and incidents within the organization’s IT environment – consisting of host systems, applications, network, firewalls, antivirus filters, etc. – to deliver actionable insights. These data-mined insights help the SecOps teams to bolster their cyberdefence endeavours while enabling enterprises to prepare audits that facilitate better compliance management. The components of SIEM include

  • Security Information Management (SIM): It collects, analyses, and reports on log data. This first-gen technology also combined logs with threat intelligence.
  • Security Event Management (SEM): This second-generation technology analyzes log and event data in real-time. It helps security teams drive threat monitoring, event correlation, and incident response.
  • User Event Behavioral Analysis (UEBA): Apart from rules and correlations, advanced SIEMs tap into the power of AI and deep learning to map human behaviour. This helps SecOps teams detect and identify insider threats, suspicious or malicious activities, fraud, and targeted threat campaigns.
  • Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR): This is the latest generation of the SIEM system which leverages AI to drive automated incident response, helping enterprises optimize their cybersecurity endeavours.


Did you know that, around the world:

  • Businesses faced a ransomware attack every 14 seconds in 2020.
  • Nearly 1,000 DDoS attacks are launched every hour
  • More than 65,000 attempts are made to compromise small-to-medium businesses in the UK alone

These stats highlight one thing: the quantum of threats is increasing rapidly, along with their sophistication. In such a threat-prone business landscape, organizations that depend only on conventional security processes and workflows, such as manual incident response, can struggle to keep up with the threat landscape. These processes are also not scalable, because expanding security operations requires hiring experts – which is a time and cost-intensive task at any time.

SOAR eases this operational bottleneck, introducing automated data gathering and security automation to complement advanced case management and analytics. It helps your business to build and benefit from deep threat detection and defense capabilities, such as:

  • Simplified Case Management for Incident Data: SOAR’s case management feature comes with a dynamic, single-record view that enables your security analysts to interact with and analyze all the relevant incident data. They can launch multiple interrelated investigations for each security incident as well as evaluate and act on the outcome – all without leaving the original record.
  • Enforcing Compliance: Effective and robust enterprise security demands swift investigations and stringent process compliance, which can only be ensured with efficient case management. Our SOAR platform standardizes security processes and can integrate just as well with a complex and tool-heavy security architecture as with a limited security framework. With case management records also embedded in workflows, security analysts have anytime access to the most relevant data during the case investigation. This enables them to deploy the right incident response processes, at speed and scale.
  • Responding to Security Alerts: Immediate and comprehensive visibility into each security incident is key to ensuring successful incident response. AHAD’s interactive case management capabilities enable this through deep integrations with existing workflows and playbooks for context-driven security insights. Security teams can then either execute the relevant security action with just one click or fully automate the threat response and remediation process. This dynamic defence at machine speeds mitigates potential attacks and threats, swiftly and easily, before they can impact the business.