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Advanced Analytics
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Security Analytics

The modern enterprise landscape is hyperconnected and always on – and is increasingly more so in a world that is reeling from the socioeconomic and business impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Traditional security perimeters that had been breached before the pandemic are now completely obliterated, as remote working and BYOD become the norm. Workflows and processes have gone completely digital. Sensitive enterprise data and IPs are being stored in digital environments, processed by digital devices, and transmitted through digital channels.

On the other hand, every 39 seconds, someone in the world is hit by a cyber-attack.

What this means for your business is that:

  • Your enterprise’s data, resources, devices, network, and people are more vulnerable to cyber threats than ever before.
  • Your IT infrastructure is constantly under siege from a host of low-level and high-level cyber-attack campaigns from multiple threat vectors.
  • A single infected node can compromise your entire network.
  • You will be breached if you only depend on an event-based approach to enterprise security.

Countering the scale, speed, and sophistication of threats that face your business requires a cybersecurity approach that can detect, respond to, contain, and mitigate threats in real-time.

And, for that, you need cutting-edge security analytics that is built on streaming architecture paradigms and powered by artificial intelligence, big data, edge computing, and the cloud.

Through this whitepaper, we examine emerging and extant challenges facing the global digital enterprise ecosystem, as well as the risk of continuing with conventional security frameworks. We also evaluate the urgent need to adopt a more intelligent, real-time, and integrated security strategy, as well as the critical need to integrate advanced machine learning-driven analytics and automation into security solutions. The whitepaper concludes with an outline of the most significant architectural building blocks needed to build a modern, intelligent cyber analytics platform.