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Information Security Regulation (ISR): 

The Dubai Government Information Security Regulation provides key practices in information security to be adopted by all Dubai Government Entities (DGEs).

The purpose of the Information Security Regulation is to provide all Dubai Government Entities with the standards to ensure continuity of critical business processes, and minimize information security related risks and damages by preventing and/or minimizing information security incidents. It intends to ensure appropriate level of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability for information handled within Dubai Government Entities.

At AHAD we provide expert advice and assistance to Dubai Government Entities for enhancing the Information Security implementation based on Dubai Government’s Information Security Regulation Version 2.0

Our approach and methodology for ISR covers:

  1. Conduct detailed gap assessment on the current processes and controls and map it against the requirements as per the Dubai Government’s Information Security Regulation Version 2.0
  1. Provide Information security awareness program based on Dubai Government ISR and other best practices.
  1. Provide a Gap Assessment report, which showcases the short comings and improvements needed for compliance with Dubai Government’s Information Security Regulation Version 2.0
  1. Conduct a workshop on the remediation against gap assessment and arrive at a roadmap along with identification of processes and controls.
  1. Prepare Dubai Government Entities IT team towards readiness for ISR compliance and help in improving data security across IT Infrastructure.  
  1. Provide a detailed action plan based on remediation categorized as short term, medium term and long-term plans to maintain compliance.
  1. Learn more about ISR. Make an appointment with our experts.

The Information Security Regulation presents the minimum requirements for information security controls and is applicable to all Dubai Government Entities, including but not limited to employees, consultants, contractors and visitors who are not government employees but are engaged with it through various means. Furthermore, the regulation applies to any government