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ISO 22301
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React quickly in times of crisis: ISO 22301

COVID-19 impact on Businesses Globally showed Business continuity management is the best way to prepare for potential crises and minimize the impact of disruption. Use effective emergency planning to ensure that everyone at your company follows the plan when an incident occurs. Our pragmatic emergency concepts and recovery plans enable you to return to productive operations as quickly as possible after disruption or failure of your business processes, services, IT services or systems.

You can effectively reduce disaster related costs, meet compliance requirements and create an integrated risk management system that offers you legal certainty and a market advantage. By improving your availability level you also gain a considerable competitive edge, as your customers and business partners can rely on your company to stay functional even in times of crisis.

Our experts have extensive experience in the field of business continuity management. We help you introduce comprehensive BCM solutions and provide quality assurance while the project is in progress. We also help you coach your BCM officer and create tests and training concepts.

In addition, our "survival mix – risk and business continuity management" offer can bring together various analyses of threats ensuring alignment of your BCMS with identified risks.

Learn more about BCM and ISO 22301. Make an appointment with our experts.