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Advanced Cyber Defense
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Advanced Cyber Defence: Why does your business need it?

The world has already been engaged in World War III for some time now. It is being waged across all geographies, away from the eyes, beyond the physical domain, over the cyberspace. The recent explosion of remote work has intensified the battle, having expanded the surface area that cybercriminals can, and indeed are, targeting using advanced tools and technologies.

Every unprotected end-point is a vulnerability that threat actors can easily exploit. All it takes is one disgruntled or careless user falling prey to phishing attacks, ransomware fraud, or any other scam. The scope of fault is large, the threat is continuously evolving in strength and scale, and the stakes are higher than ever. A single instance of network breach or loss of confidential data can cost an enterprise its money as well as brand reputation.

The IT and security teams who are tasked with defending the digital infrastructure are fighting on edge, already overwhelmed by a constant flood of incoming data, cloud technologies, and stringent compliance regulations. Now, they must combat – and defeat – the cyber-terrorists amid the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. To achieve this, the cyber soldiers need the aid of cutting-edge resources that not only rival but also surpass those deployed by the threat actors in terms of intelligence, speed, and efficacy.

Attack and Readiness Operations

Preparing your business against the most sophisticated adversaries and reducing your exposure to targeted attacks.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Investigate, detect & recover from threats that could impact your business.

Application Security Services

Protect and monitor your business applications with our secure application development process

Threat Intelligence

Better decision making with actionable and relevant threat intelligence to improve your security posture.


Why AHAD Advanced Cyber defence?

A preventative stance is more effective in dealing with a cybersecurity issue than a reactive one. That’s where our advanced cyber defence solutions enter the picture. Our solutions can identify sensitive data and determine its quality, empowering companies to minimize the ramifications of poor-quality data while optimizing their decision-making and maximizing business opportunities. Be it a multinational corporation, a mid-size company, or a local business, one can never be too prepared for a potential cyber security breach. The only option is to eliminate all possible vulnerabilities – systemic, organizational, or individual – to maintain robust cyber defence.


  • Adopt industry-best practices aligned with your unique needs and sensibilities
  • Build broad industry and sector knowledge for the right cybersecurity and privacy program to inform and enhance your business strategy
  • Strategically assess, design, implement, operate, and improve your cybersecurity and privacy program to deal with existing as well as emerging cyber threats
  • Build a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy by incorporating data management, business process management, enterprise risk planning, user authorization, data sharing and protection, and vulnerability assessment and prevention