What to Look For in a Digital Risk Protection Vendor

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What to Look For in a Digital Risk Protection Vendor
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What to Look For in a Digital Risk Protection Vendor

Wednesday 03, Feb, 2021
What to Look For in a Digital Risk Protection Vendor


Virtually any company can benefit from a DRP solution, and those who see its importance have already come to the realization that data is likely to be exposed and understand the damage a breach can cause to their business, resulting in hefty fines, reputational risk, or jeopardizing shareholder value. If that’s a concern to you — gaining visibility into data exposure outside your perimeter to mitigate damages of a data breach, then DRP is likely an appropriate solution for you to have deployed.

What to Expect From a DRP Vendor

Each vendor should provide highly automated and continuous crawling across the open, deep, and dark web, including social media and mobile apps, to help protect you from external threats that can lead to potential leaks or breaches.

The Four Critical DRP Steps

Step 1: Secure Client Data Collection

How does a vendor get your most sensitive data under monitoring without exposing you to additional risk? Both safely and legally is truly a tricky step, which is why we’ve created digital fingerprinting, a technology that ensures your private data stays private — even from us. We’ll dive deeper into that during our next episode.

Step 2: Data Collection + AI Analysis

Once a vendor gets your data under monitoring, it is our job to use our greatest strengths across every channel — all of our open, deep, dark web, and social and mobile crawling techniques as well as our analysts — to help return the most meaningful set of results against all that you have under monitoring.

Step 3: Data Visualization

When matching on your data under monitoring, vendors should vet every alert, remove false positives, and deliver only critical results to you in a way that’s clear and easy to understand and interpret, so that you can take action immediately.

Step 4: Actionable Results

If we’re going to point out a problem, then we as vendors should help you to solve those problems by helping to remediate, whether through assistance with takedowns or providing recommendations and actionable steps to mitigate damages.

Terbium Labs, puts trust, privacy, and customer service first. Our goal is to speed up the time of remediation by reducing noise and delivering critical alerts to our clients. We focus on combining the best-of-breed web sources with a world-class dashboard powered by data science, AI, and expert analyst recommendations. We aim to help our clients spend less time managing vendors and tools and more time actioning results to protect their brands.

To learn more contact us at info@ahad-me.com