Simplify Zero Trust Secure Access to Business Applications

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Simplify Zero Trust Secure Access to Business Applications
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Simplify Zero Trust Secure Access to Business Applications

Tuesday 03, Nov, 2020
Simplify Zero Trust Secure Access to Business Applications

As remote work becomes a “new normal” and organizations are increasingly adopting a hybrid IT architecture, they are looking at how they can accelerate Zero Trust security and simplify secure business application access for their remote users. While they are looking at new ways to address these new requirements and expanding their cloud footprint, they are also looking at protecting their existing technology investments. So, the question is, “how can they seamlessly and efficiently accelerate their move to a hybrid IT architecture for simple and secure application access from anywhere?”

With Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) technology emerging as an advanced network security solution, the data center is becoming smaller, and more organizations are moving to a hybrid IT environment. A modern and adaptable security approach with a dynamic architecture is a necessity to implement Zero Trust security and secure application access across the extended environment.

The Pulse Zero Trust Access (PZTA) Platform provides end-to-end visibility, analytics, and insights on users, devices, gateways, and applications in the extended enterprise and hybrid IT environments. With continuous entity authentication and flexible ecosystem integration, PZTA offers an access service that provides easy and protected connectivity, administration efficiency, and deployment flexibility to meet the needs of a dynamic hybrid IT architecture.

Complete visibility, rich analytics, and actionable insights are key characteristics of the PZTA solution. These elements help IT leaders minimize risk and reduce operational complexity. They can simplify the user experience while providing secure application access from anywhere.

PZTA Solution Highlights:

  • A single pane of glass to view the current state of application access in real-time across different geographical locations
  • Behavior analytics to identify and detect anomalies and attacks by analyzing the patterns of users and their access behavior
  • A powerful collection of actionable data presented in a simple, easy to understand format
  • High-level reports suited for C-level executives along with detailed filtering and drill-down capabilities to simplify troubleshooting for administrators

PZTA cloud-based secure access platform support executives as well as network and security practitioners making security decisions and day-to-day tasks. To learn more, please download Complete Visibility, Rich Analytics, and Actionable Insights White Paper