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Terbium Labs vision is to identify and remediate the greatest risks to your data across the internet—whether it’s the open, deep, or dark web—and thus manage the risks to your financials, your operations, and your brand reputation

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At Terbium Labs, we know that sensitive data will always be at risk. That’s why we developed Matchlight, the world’s first fully private, fully automated Dark Web Data Intelligence System. We monitor the dark web for your private data fingerprints and notify you immediately if even a trace of your information shows up where it shouldn’t. With fingerprint monitoring and automated tracking for key terms and patterns, such as email addresses or payment card numbers, we can monitor your sensitive assets like customer and employee information and financial data without you having to reveal any information to us. Let us help reduce the risk of inevitable data exposure
The Matchlight all-in-one platform places prioritized alerts at your fingertips, with the ability to drill down into the actionable, analytics-driven insights you need to assign resources and take action quickly and efficiently.

The Four Critical DRP Steps

Step 1: Secure Client Data Collection
Get your most sensitive data under monitoring without exposing you to additional risk? Both safely and legally is truly a tricky step, which is why we’ve created digital fingerprinting, a technology that ensures your private data stays private — even from us. We’ll dive deeper into that during our next episode.
Step 2: Data Collection + AI Analysis
Once your data under monitoring, it is our job to use our greatest strengths across every channel — all of our open, deep, dark web, and social and mobile crawling techniques as well as our analysts — to help return the most meaningful set of results against all that you have under monitoring.
Step 3: Data Visualization
When matching on your data under monitoring, vetting every alert, remove false positives, and deliver only critical results to you in a way that’s clear and easy to understand and interpret, so that you can take action immediately.
Step 4: Actionable Results
If we’re going to point out a problem, then solve those problems by helping to remediate, whether through assistance with takedowns or providing recommendations and actionable steps to mitigate damages.
At Terbium Labs, we put trust, privacy, and customer service first. Our goal is to speed up the time of remediation by reducing noise and delivering critical alerts to our clients. We focus on combining the best-of-breed web sources with a world-class dashboard powered by data science, AI, and expert analyst recommendations. We aim to help our clients spend less time managing vendors and tools and more time actioning results to protect their brands.
Matchlight® Digital Fingerprinting Technology From Terbium Labs™ 

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